Thursday, May 1, 2008

Comfortable Paintings: Works on Silk

Artist PJ Cobbs presents:
“Comfortable Paintings”, Works on Silk

May 3-May 31, 2008

Gallery Space
New York Public Library, Countee Cullen Branch
104 West 136th Street, Harlem, New York

Opening reception and silk-painting demo:
Saturday, May 3, 2008
2-4 p.m.

About the artist:
PJ Cobbs, is a former fashion columnist (New York Post) who gave up the Prada for a paintbrush.

The British-born Cobbs creates paintings on silk considering both form and function, whether it's a graphic scarf that can be mounted as a wall-hanging or pillow (as featured in the August 16, 2007 New York Times Home & Garden section), or her “Comfortable Paintings” series.

For this group of paintings, Cobbs explores the idea of comfort and function, integrating the tactility of the medium (silk has a reputation as being delicate, but is actually a strong fiber) with its usability. For instance, in “Tourists”, the napping visitors can either relax on a wall, or be strewn across couch. A self-portrait of Cobbs vacationing in St-Tropez makes the scene comfortable by being executed on a curtain. Her latest works include portraits-of people and the spaces they occupy. Her focus is on New York City, where buildings claim as much personality as the citizens they're built for.

PJ has exhibited worldwide, notably at the American Gallery in New York and was included in the Liverpool Biennial in 2006. She teaches silk painting at the JCC Manhattan and the New York and Brooklyn Public Libraries, and has taught in Hawaii at the Art School at Kapalua and the famed Hui No'eau in Maui. Her event companies, PJ's Painting Party and ART+BEAUTY bring silk painting to corporate and private parties. Most recently, she was an invited guest speaker (along with Ted Danson and Ed Begley, Jr.) at the recent Global Green 2008 Expo in April, 2008.

Cobbs has also created art-to-wear, spotted on Queen Latifah, Heidi Klum, Daisy Fuentes, and best-selling author Harriette Cole. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Essence, Continental Airlines, Uptown, New York Post, New York Daily News, Cigar Aficionado, House & Garden, Black Enterprise, Look, Fashion Wire Daily and Fiberarts.

“For me, painting on silk for fashion and function is a passion. In a time of fleeting, throwaway art, it transcends trends and it provides beauty to both the observer in its perfect, colorful form.”

Note: Use of library space by PJ Cobbs for this exhibit does not indicate endorsement by The New York Public Library. Groups by appointment.

PJ Cobbs/Patricia Jacobs