Monday, September 10, 2012

a fond farewell from artHARLEM + Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour/HOAST

Hello everyone,

Seven years and six studio tours later we have decided, with heavy hearts, to dissolve artHARLEM and the production of the Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour(HOAST). As some of you already know from our hiatus in 2010, health emergencies surrounding our families have affected the time needed to produce artHARLEM gatherings and exhibitions. We are, and have always been, a volunteer arts organization and so, the demands on our schedule these past two years have greatly hampered our ability to connect with the artists, galleries and fellow arts organizations that we have come to know as artists and curators who also live and work in the Harlem neighborhood.

Now that we all know each other, attend our gallery openings and visit our respective studios, we look forward to a continued connection with you as the colleagues, neighbors and friends we have become.

We feel blessed to have worked and collaborated with so many incredible and inspiring people. Be well and we hope to carry on with the conversations we began and the friendships that blossomed during the many gallery openings, studio visits and artHARLEM Artist Get Togethers we attended across this vibrant and diverse footprint.

All the best,

Gina Fuentes Walker
Co-Founder/Executive Director
artHARLEM | Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour/HOAST

Reuben Sinha
artHARLEM | Harlem Open Artist Studio Tour/HOAST